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Restoration Plan




The goals of the restoration plan at College Park are to provide safe, secure access to all visitors, to assure that as many grave sites as possible are kept in proper condition, and to make the cemetery inviting green space so the historical significance of the site can be preserved and respectfully enjoyed by present and future Houstonians.


Safe and secure access means that the site will be fenced and lighted. 

Grading and resurfacing the ignored roadway in the cemetery is needed to provide vehicle access as well as a safe pedestrian walkway.

The number of trees in the cemetery and the lessons learned during the 2011 drought, make it a priority to install the needed water source in the cemetery.

Clearing the cemetery has revealed that the only major drainage problem is in Section 4 and can be addressed with minimal expense.


The removal of the overgrowth over the past few years has also exposed as many headstones and grave markers as possible.  The initiation of our maintenance plan has kept the grave site from being further destroyed by unwanted plants and trees. Eventually the broken and displaced headstones will be repaired as funds become available.


College Memorial Park Cemetery

Restoration Plan & Budget Summary

October 2011




Clearing & Fencing

Cost Estimates


Goal: Clear underbrush and overgrown grass and weeds in the cemetery.

Action Plan: Use volunteer workers on monthly volunteer days (second Saturday of the month).

Spray premises for poison ivy and other pests in areas selected by landscape architect while maintaining locations of “historical plantings.”



Goal: Remove “trash trees” identified by the landscape architect, including those that are on the fence line and property lines. Mulch as much material as possible and remove remaining trunk and limb parts from the cemetery.

Action Plan: Hire tree service with chopper and shredder to perform the “heavy work.” Use volunteer labor to move trunks to dumpsters and spread mulch.



Goal: Install permanent, high-quality fencing and gates along Dallas Street.

Action Plan: Design the fencing to account for any graves along fence line. Hire contractor to install fencing.



Goal: Secure the back (south, Clay Street) and sides (east and west) of the cemetery with fencing.

Action Plan: All proposed fence lines will be explored for any gravesites that would have to be considered. All property encroachments need to be resolved. Repairs for existing fences need to be made, and non-fenced cemetery portions would be fenced with similar fencing materials to match existing fencing on neighboring streets. The East Side fence will be temporarily provided by the construction fencing for the Regent Square Condominiums. (The entire East Side of the cemetery will be fenced in this manner.)

Money in the bank!!!









Goal: Install drain and drain line so cemetery drains properly.

Action Plan: Hire a contractor to design and install a drain and tie in to the existing drain line to drain the low area in the center of Section 4.



Goal: Establish and install a water supply.

Action: Plan: Hire a plumbing contractor to establish a water meter and an underground water line adjacent to the roadway. Irrigation access will be through multiple quick couplers as designed.



Goal: Provide security lighting and aesthetic lighting to enhance the night-time look of the cemetery.

Action Plan: Establish electrical service, breaker box, and install 1400 feet of electrical line underground adjacent to the roadway. Install period lights and low voltage security lights as per plan.



Goal: Grade existing road way and resurface , restoring shell surface if possible.

Action Plan: Hire contractor for grading and resurfacing.




On-going & Contingent



Goal: Raise funds to pay for the project.

Action Plan: Utilize a development professional to assist in solicitation of gifts.



Goal: Place appropriate, additional historical markers in the cemetery.

Action Plan: Establish the locations and types of historical markers to be used in the cemetery. Purchase and place in cemetery.

$2,000 ea


Goal: Provide permanent, respectful gravesite for any remains that need to be moved.

Action Plan: Work with an historical archeologist to record and identify known gravesites. Design a tomb that would be appropriate for any moved remains.


Price of tomb depends on how many (if any) gravesites must be relocated to accommodate project.


Goal: Identify the location of all known graves

Action Plan: Continue evaluation of the known records and on site investigations.  Prepare a map of the cemetery with all graves located.











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